Kitty the Tekno Kitten
Manufacturer ToyQuest
Creator Bob Del Principe
Type Kitten
Released 2001, 2007, and 2014

Kitty the Tekno Kitten, later Tekno the Robotic Kitty, or Tekno Robotic Kitty, is a playful 8-week old robotic Kitty. She is a life-like robot that does everything a real Kitten can do. She can meow, talk, cry, walk, move her tail and display many realistic emotions and functions.


Kitty is voice, light and touch activated. She can be trained by her owner, but most of all Kitty loves attention and with a simple pet on the back she will be your friend for life. Kitty is fully articulated, allowing her to move her head from side to side, walk at different speeds and even pounce like a real Kitten.


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