Manufacturer The LEGO Group
Type Kit
Released 2009

People say it's used.


The set features four starter models, with programs, ranging from easy to difficult. The instructions can be found on the NXT-G programming software included with the set. The instructions are very clear and concise; they thoroughly explain each and every step.



Shooterbot is the starter model, and takes roughly 30–40 minutes to complete (for beginners). It uses two motors, to move around; an ultrasonic sensor for detecting and avoiding objects; and a color sensor for commanding the robot. It is also equipped with an additional motor used to shoot it's sphere gun.



Robogator is the second hardest model, and takes 1–2 hours to complete. It uses two motors for its hind legs to move about; an ultrasonic sensor as the eyes, for object avoidance; and an additional motor to open and close his mouth.

Color SorterEdit


It's pink on the top.

Alpha Rex 2.0Edit


Alpha Rex 2.0 is the hardest model to build, as well as the most anticipated, taking over 3 hours to complete. It uses three motors: two for walking and one for moving the arms; two touch sensors: to keep the walking method in rhythm; a color sensor: used for executing different commands (through the colored balls); and one ultrasonic sensor for object avoidance.

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