Manufacturer The LEGO Group
Type Kit
Released 1998

The MINDSTORMS RCX 1.0 (Robotic Command eXplorer) is a robotic set produced by LEGO. It contained various LEGO parts and pieces as well as some custom made motors and sensors. The brick that controlled it has an 8-bit Hitachi H8/300 microcontroller that included 32K of ram for storing programs. The Official programming language included within the set was called "RCX Code", however, other programming languages such as ROBOLAB were also provided and often used by more advanced builders. The RCX 1.0 also had a power adapter jack that went with the brick, allowing for continuous operations.

After the revealing of newer MINDSTORMS sets the RCX 1.0 retired.


  • All RCX Intelligent bricks have a specific number printed on them, most likely used when contacting technical support.

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