Developer LEGO
Type Drag-and-drop

NXT-G is a drag-and-drop programming language used by all of the Mindstorms systems. The language is written in LabVIEW. It was designed so that younger builder would be able to program their robots with ease, and at the same time allow older, more experienced builders, to make more complex programs. Throughout the years there has been a lot of complaint that making large complex programs, has a tendency to make the software crash. Due to this, most of the more experienced builders alternatively use NXC, RobotC, or LeJOS; all of which are textual-based programming languages.


Since its start NXT-G has come out with two newer versions.

NXT-G 2.0Edit

The first newer version was a lot like the first, but a few of the blocks had changed and some new features were added.

NXT-G 3.0Edit

The second version was completely different design-wise from the previous two versions. There were a few new programming blocks and all the old ones were completely renovated.


  • NXT-G is named after LabVIEW's graphical programming language named 'G'.

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