Note: This page is still under construction

General GuidelinesEdit

  • All articles should include non-plagiarized content. The information contained within the article may be retrieved and used from a reliable source, just so long as you word it differently, or give the appropriate author credit.
  • All articles should use American standardization, specifically in dates and grammar.
  • Overlinking is strongly discouraged, each article should only contain one link to a specific page.
  • Articles should be based on reliable information, and not on a personal opinion or point of view.

Robot ArticlesEdit

An example of how pages about robots should look is given below:

|image = <NameofImageHere.png/jpg/jpeg>
|manufacturer = <name of manufacturer>
|type = <type of robot>
|released = <date released>
|website = <manufacturers website>
'''<robot name>''' is a <type of robot> robot created by <name of company/creator>. <information about the robot>.

Company ArticlesEdit

An example of how pages about companies should look is given below:

|image = <NameofImageHere.png/jpg/jpeg>
|founder = <name of founder>
|founded = <date founded>
|headquarters = <headquarters location>
|industry = <industry type>
|website = <company website>
'''<company name>''' is an <type of company> company located in <company location>. <information about the company>.

Programming Language ArticlesEdit

  • Pages for programming languages that do not pertain to robotics are not allowed.

An example of how pages about programming languages should look is given below:

|image = <NameofImageHere.png/jpg/jpeg>
|developer = <name of developer>
|code type = <code type>
|website = <company website>
'''<program name>''' is a <programming type> programming language created by <name of developer>. <additional information>

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